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[Basket Bag] Ata Basket Bag Yukata

[Basket Bag] Ata Basket Bag Yukata

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Ata, a fern plant native to Bali, Indonesia
A basket bag made from carefully woven stems.

After drying the atta in the sun, smoke it with coconut shells etc.
It has a unique amber color and smoked aroma, and is insect repellent.
produce an effect.

It is also strong and durable, making it a recommended basket bag.

It goes well with Japanese yukata, and can be enjoyed in a wide range of ways, whether it's everyday life or going out.

Material: cowhide leather
Inner fabric 50% cotton/50% polyester

Width: 20cm Height: 20cm Depth: 15cm
Handle length: approx. 42cm
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