About Cotton Cotton

Old cloth, indigo dyeing, and Kurume Kasuri

Natural material shop Cotton Cotton

We sell products that make use of old cloth, indigo dyeing, Kurume Kasuri, cotton linen, and other natural materials, mainly to the wife generation.

Three reasons to choose Cotton Cotton

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handmade by craftsmen

Each item is hand-sewn by professional craftsmen with highly skilled techniques.
It is made with great care down to the smallest detail.
Please try wearing a completely original product.

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    At Cotton Cotton, we produce one-of-a-kind products every week.
    Please purchase a product that is unique to you and cannot be found anywhere else.

Wide selection of products
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    Wide selection of products

    We create new products every week, so you can always enjoy shopping with fresh products.
    You're sure to find a design that suits you.


I started this shop because I love working with my hands.
I like the sound of cotton, cotton, and [the stitches are rhythm].

I named it with the hope of expressing a slow, step-by-step, careful way of living.

Indigo dyeing is a textile that women have spent time spinning in their daily lives.
Through clothes, we hope to make people think that ``living is fun''.
I would be happy if I could bring some smiles and excitement to you.
I sew scratchy stitches every day.

We hope that we can help you create a wonderful piece of art.
All of our staff members would like to share this message with all our heart.