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[Persimmon dyed pants] 100% hemp plant-dyed linen

[Persimmon dyed pants] 100% hemp plant-dyed linen

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It is made from hand-dyed persimmon tannin fabric by domestic craftsmen.
100% linen that has been washed for a rich texture.
You can enjoy it all year round.

This is a piece that will captivate you with its beautiful dyeing.
It's made with plenty of fabric and has a loose width, but it has an elastic hem for a beautiful silhouette.

Relaxed pants that give you the relaxed feel of an adult.

Material: 100% linen dyed with persimmon tannin

Size: Waist 65-95cm
Waist circumference 130cm
Rise 37cm
Inseam 59cm
Hem width 20~cm

Total elastic waist
Pocket side 2, back 1

Model: Kumi-chan 165cm
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