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Giemon [Kurume Kasuri One Piece] Calligraphy pattern

Giemon [Kurume Kasuri One Piece] Calligraphy pattern

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Kurume Kasuri is woven through 30 steps.
A durable fabric that becomes more familiar to your skin the more you wear it.
A combination of uneven and smooth curly literature and floral patterns.

It has a refreshing feel that shrinks and can be worn comfortably even in early autumn.

An elegant piece with a small collar and wide A-line.

Material: 100% cotton Kurume Kasuri

Size: Width 68cm
Sleeve 74cm
Length 100cm
Hem width 98cm

back button 1
side slit
pocket 2

Model: Kumi-chan 165cm



#Kurume Kasuri

#one piece

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