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Giemon [Kurume Kasuri Blouse] Houndstooth pattern

Giemon [Kurume Kasuri Blouse] Houndstooth pattern

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It is made from Kurume, a durable fabric that becomes more comfortable with your skin the more you wear it.

A calm houndstooth pattern in black and gray.
It is a piece that has a unique personality that shines in tradition and feels modern.

The side ruffles, tucks, and collar give it an elegant, sophisticated, and classic look.

It opens completely in the front, so it's easy to put on and take off.

Material: 100% cotton Kurume Kasuri

Size: Width 52cm
Shoulder width 39cm
Sleeve length 43cm
Length 60cm
Hem width 68cm

front button 6

Model: Kumi-chan 165cm

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