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Giemon [Kurume Kasuri Blouse] Ajiro striped pattern Giemon

Giemon [Kurume Kasuri Blouse] Ajiro striped pattern Giemon

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It is made from Kurume, a durable fabric that becomes more comfortable with your skin the more you wear it.
Ajiro striped pattern with uneven texture and smooth texture.
Since it is a thin material, you can wear it comfortably even in midsummer.

There are many special points such as raglan sleeves, fluffy sleeves, and three buttons arranged in rows.

The beautiful A-line gently spreads out, creating a beautiful silhouette in all directions.
The loose width and long length naturally cover your physique.

Size: Width 57cm
Sleeve 36cm
Length 80cm
Hem width 80cm

2 pockets, 1 chest
front button 9

Model: Kumi-chan 165cm

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