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Giemon [Kurume Kasuri Tote Bag] Giemon Dan Patch Tote

Giemon [Kurume Kasuri Tote Bag] Giemon Dan Patch Tote

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Kurume Kasuri tote bag with delicate weave.

The front is made with patchwork and is intricately crafted.
A great feature is the zipper pocket on the back that makes it easy to take out your smartphone or wallet.

The size is large enough to fit all your everyday items, including a 500ml plastic bottle.
For everyday use.

Made in Japan for peace of mind.
It is also a great gift that conveys the gentleness and warmth of cotton.

100% cotton

Height approx. 31cm
Width approx. 37cm
Gusset approximately 10cm

opening zipper
Outside zipper pocket 1
Inside zipper pocket 1
Paste pocket 1

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