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[Kurume Kasuri Tote Bag] Patchwork 3 Room Lightweight

[Kurume Kasuri Tote Bag] Patchwork 3 Room Lightweight

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Kurume Kasuri tote bag with delicate weave.

This is a cute and compact handbag.
It has three handles, so it's easy to organize your luggage, and it's light and easy to use.

It's large enough to fit a folding wallet and cell phone, so it's perfect for everyday use or for short outings.

Made in Japan for peace of mind.
It is also a great gift that conveys the gentleness and warmth of cotton.

*The pattern of Kasuri may be different.

Size Height approx. 16cm
Width approx. 20cm
Gusset approximately 10cm

Opening zipper closure snap pocket

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