terms of service

These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") apply to Cotton Cotton (hereinafter referred to as "this website") operated on the Internet by Cotton Cotton (hereinafter referred to as "our company") or a third party designated by our company. By using this website, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms").
In addition, this website has links to store carts and various SNS, and by using such services, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of use listed therein.

1.General Provisions Article 1 Definition of users and members
1. “User” refers to all people who use this website, regardless of whether or not the Company is able to identify the individual user.
2. "Member" means a person (who has an actual address or residence in Japan) who, after agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, applies for membership registration to the Company in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company, and who A person who has approved membership registration for Cotton .
3. "Service" refers to various services provided by the Company to the members of "Cotton Cotton" at the discretion of the Company. This service includes a members-only My Page on the website (hereinafter referred to as "My Page"), services provided by the online shop, etc.
4. "Content" refers to all images, photographs, illustrations, texts, designs, logos, videos, programs, etc. related to this Service.

Article 2 Compliance with these Terms In addition to these Terms, various conditions separately established by the Company (including, but not limited to, the "Privacy Policy") apply to the service.
Members shall agree to these in advance and use the Service in accordance with the various conditions.

Article 3 Changes to these Terms 1. The Company may change the contents of these Terms without the prior consent of members in any of the following cases.
(a) If the change is in the general interest of the members; (b) If the change does not contradict the purpose of the member's contract and is within a reasonable range. 2. Regarding changes to these Terms In advance, the Company will publish the revised terms and effective date on the website operated by the Company, or notify members in advance.
However, for changes that require the consent of members according to laws and regulations, we will obtain the consent of members in the manner prescribed by our company.

Chapter 2 Membership

Article 4 Registration
1. A person who wishes to register as a member of " Cotton Cotton " shall apply for membership registration by setting and entering the necessary information in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company, after agreeing to these terms and conditions. Masu.
In addition, the information prescribed by the Company such as name, date of birth, address, email address, etc. provided to the Company at the time of the registration is hereinafter referred to as "Registration Information".
2. The membership registration procedure will be completed when the Company approves the application in the preceding paragraph.
However, if the person applying for membership registration falls under any of the following items, the Company may refuse registration or cancel the registration once made and cause the person to withdraw from membership.
Furthermore, even if the Company cancels membership registration and withdraws membership, the member concerned will not be exempted from responsibility for fulfilling the payment obligations already incurred through this service under these Terms.
(A) If the Company determines that there is a violation or risk of violation of these Terms (B) If there is any falsehood, error, or omission in all or part of the registered information provided to the Company (C) In the past (d) In other cases where the Company determines that the registration is inappropriate.

Article 5 Administrative members shall take precautions to prevent errors in use, loss, forgetfulness, theft, unauthorized use by third parties, etc. (hereinafter simply referred to as "accidents") regarding the following items. All personal information shall be strictly managed and stored under all responsibility and shall not be transferred or lent to any third party.
In addition, I agree in advance that if any accident occurs, such as losing or forgetting any of the items, you may not be able to use this service.
3.Email address

Article 6 If the Responsible Member discovers that an accident has occurred in any of the items of the preceding article, he/she shall immediately notify the Company to that effect and follow the instructions from the Company.
Furthermore, unless the damage is due to reasons attributable to the Company, the member shall be responsible for any damage caused by the accident, and the Company shall not bear any responsibility.

Article 7 Change of registered information If there is a change in all or part of the registered information, the member shall promptly change the registered information using the method prescribed by the Company.
The Company shall provide the Service in accordance with the member's registered information, and shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by the member's failure to change the registered information.
If the member neglects the change procedure, the Company's processing based on the already registered information will be deemed appropriate and valid.

Article 8 Withdrawal 1. If a member withdraws from membership, he or she will lose his or her rights as a member.
If a member wishes to withdraw from membership, he or she may do so at any time by following the procedures prescribed by the Company.
2. If a member requests to withdraw from membership, or if the member falls under any of the following items, the Company will withdraw the member without prior notice or demand, and the Company will terminate the membership of the member. The registered information may be deleted by any method deemed safe by the Company.
The Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused to the member due to such withdrawal.
(A) If any provision of these Terms is violated (B) If a purchase is discovered for the purpose of profit or resale (C) If the Company determines that the membership qualification has been used fraudulently (D) Membership registration If the information is found to be false (e) If the operation of this service is obstructed by any means (f) If there is a delay in the performance of payment obligations to the company or other default (g) If the company If 37 months have passed since the last product purchase date in the sales history managed by (h) If the member dies (e) In other cases where the Company determines that it is inappropriate to continue the member's registration

Article 9 In the event of an accident, the liaison member shall immediately report the accident using the method prescribed by the Company and take the necessary procedures in accordance with the Company's instructions.

Article 10 Prohibited acts When using this website, the following acts (including acts that induce or prepare for them) are prohibited.
1. Acts that cause or are likely to cause disadvantage or damage to the Company, its affiliated companies, or third parties.
2. Acts that slander or slander the products and services of our company and our affiliated companies, or acts that are likely to do so.
3. Acts that slander or slander the officers or employees of our company or our affiliated companies, or acts that are likely to do so.
4. Acts that damage the trust and dignity of our company, such as violating public order and morals, or acts that are likely to do so.
5. Criminal acts, acts that lead to criminal acts, or acts that are likely to lead to criminal acts.
6. Acts that violate the laws, ordinances, or ordinances of Japan or the country/region where the user is located at the time of use, or acts that may be likely to do so.
8. Acts that cause the misunderstanding that the Company or its affiliated companies have some kind of alliance or cooperative relationship, or that the Company recognizes, guarantees, supports, or recommends the linked site; or any act that is likely to result in such behavior.
8. Acts of linking in a way that impairs the clarity of this website, such as frame links
9. Acts that violate these Terms and other terms established by the Company Acts that use the Service for illegal purposes
10.Acts of impersonating a third party to use this website and acts of allowing a third party to use this website
11.Acts of providing false information to our company
12. Acts of transmitting or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses, or acts of recommending them.
13. Acts of copying, modifying, tampering with, or erasing the contents and programs of this website.
14. Decompiling, reverse engineering, disassembling this website, or any other act of analyzing the source code or protocol of this service.
15.Other acts that our company deems inappropriate.

Article 11 Measures 1. If the Company falls under, or is likely to fall under, any of the prohibited acts stipulated in Article 10, the Company shall temporarily suspend the use of this website by the member without prior notice or demand. We may take measures to suspend its use for a period of time or indefinitely.
2. In the event that the Company takes the measures set forth in the preceding two paragraphs because a member, service user, or gift recipient falls under any of the items in Paragraph 1, the member, service user, or gift recipient falls under any of the items in Paragraph 1. The Company shall not be held responsible even if any damage occurs.

Chapter 3 Contents of the Service Article 12 Contents of the Service 1. The specific content of the Service shall be as provided by the Company on its website, My Page, online shop, etc.
2. The Company may, at its discretion, change, add, or discontinue all or part of the content of the Service without obtaining consent from members.
In addition, our company may terminate all or part of this service at our discretion for business or technical reasons.
The Company shall not be liable to members for any changes or termination of the Service.

Chapter 4 Intellectual Property Rights Article 13 Attribution of Rights 1. Intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights, and all other rights related to the Service shall belong to the Company or the party that has granted the license to the Company. shall belong to the third party.
2. Permission to use this service to a member does not mean permission to use or utilize the rights set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Article 14 Infringement of Rights 1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights regarding all content posted on this website (including, but not limited to, text, photographs, videos, and music) belong to our company. or used by our company based on license or other legitimate title. It is prohibited to use it for purposes other than your own personal use, to copy, publicly transmit, distribute, modify, remove, or reprint on other websites, whether inside or outside the network, without permission from our company or the respective rights holders. To do.
2. The rights to this website and the individual trademarks, marks, logos, and trade names posted on this website belong to our company, or are used under license or other legitimate title. Acts such as using these without permission from our company or the respective rights holders are prohibited by trademark law, etc.
3. If we discover any act that infringes on intellectual property rights or other rights, we may take legal measures such as requests for injunctions, claims for damages, criminal charges, and other necessary measures against the member concerned. Masu.

Chapter 5 Disclaimer, etc. Article 15 Communication Equipment, etc. 1. Members shall maintain and manage computer terminals, communication equipment, communication lines, and other equipment necessary to use the Service at their own responsibility and expense. Masu. Furthermore, even if a member suffers any disadvantage or damage due to erroneous operation, unauthorized operation, hacking, malfunction, etc. of these devices or lines, the Company shall not be held responsible in any way.
2. We recommend the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to use this website. Unintended display may occur depending on the settings of the user's device, some browsers, and applications.

Article 16 Suspension of Service, etc. If any of the following items apply, the Company may suspend or terminate the provision of all or part of the Service without prior notice to the member.
Furthermore, even if the member suffers any disadvantage or damage as a result, the Company shall not be held responsible in any way.
1. When performing regular or emergency maintenance, inspection, repair, etc. of equipment for this service, etc. 2. When it becomes impossible to provide this service due to fire, power outage, natural disaster, or other force majeure. 3. Any other reasonable reason. If the Company determines that there is

Article 17 Disclaimer
1. Our company does not always guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, reliability, safety, etc. of the content posted on this website, and this website and its posted content are subject to change without prior notice. Or it may be deleted.
2. Unless otherwise specified in these Terms, the Company shall not be liable for any errors, changes or deletions in posted content, system malfunctions or breakdowns, or intrusion into this website by third parties, regardless of the reason. We will not be responsible for any damage caused by, commercial disputes, or suspension of operation of this website.

Article 18 External Links If this service links to other sites, the Company does not make any guarantees regarding the linked sites, including the accuracy or usefulness of their resources and content, and assumes no responsibility. shall not be liable.
Furthermore, the Company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by members using these linked sites.

Article 19 Backlinks 1. It is prohibited to post links to this website from websites that include the following content.
(A) Content that is contrary to public order and morals
(b) Content that violates various laws and regulations
(C) Content that defames our company (including affiliated companies) or our related parties.
(D) Other content that can be objectively determined to damage the corporate value of our company.
2. When a user posts a link to this website, the user agrees in advance that the linked page may be changed or deleted without prior notice, and the user shall not be responsible for any damages caused by moving or deleting the page. The Company shall not be held responsible for any profits.
3. Each linked site is managed and operated under the responsibility of the respective website operator and is not under the control of our company. Our company is not responsible for the content of each linked site, or for any damages, complaints, or any other claim from a third party arising from the use of these sites. , or the fact that there is a link from this website does not mean that we recognize, guarantee, support, or recommend the use of the linked site or the products, services, companies, etc. posted on the linked site.

Chapter 6 Online Shop Article 20 Purchase of Products 1. If a member wishes to purchase a product from the online shop, he or she shall apply for the purchase of the product in accordance with the method prescribed by the Company.
Please note that users who have not registered as members cannot purchase products.
2. At the time the member receives an email from the Company to the effect that the application for the product has been accepted, or when a page to that effect is displayed, an individual sales contract regarding the applicable product is concluded between the member and the Company. It shall be established.
3. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if the Company determines that there has been fraudulent or inappropriate behavior regarding the use of the online shop, the Company will cancel or terminate the individual sales contract, or take other measures that the Company deems appropriate. It is assumed that you can take it.
4. Any act of using the online shop, such as applying for a product using a member's email address and password, will be deemed to have been performed by the member, and the member will be responsible for all product payment obligations and other obligations. will do.

Article 21 Payment method
1. When purchasing a product from an online shop, the payment amount is the total of the product price, shipping fee, various fees, consumption tax, and local consumption tax. Payment for purchased products can be made using one of the following methods. For detailed payment methods, please see the description based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law .
(a) Payment in exchange for the product when the product is delivered (b) Payment using a credit card in the member's name 2. In the case of payment by credit card, the member will separately make a separate agreement with the credit card company. Subject to the terms of the contract. In the event that a dispute arises between a member and a third party such as the credit card company, the dispute shall be resolved by both parties, and the Company shall not be responsible in any way.

Article 22 Return or Exchange of Products 1. With respect to products purchased at the online shop, members may return or exchange the products if any of the following items apply.
(A) If a product different from the one you applied for is delivered (B) If a different quantity than the one you applied for is delivered (C) If the delivered product has defects such as stains, scratches, or damage (D) Other cases by our company 2. Returns or exchanges as described in the preceding paragraph must meet all of the following conditions.
(A) The product to be returned or exchanged must be unused. (B) Product accessories, attachments, invoices, etc. must be returned in the condition they were in when delivered. (C) Other conditions specified separately by the Company. be compatible with
3. In addition to the above items, members shall follow the rules prescribed by the Company regarding the conditions and methods regarding returns or exchanges. For more information, please see "About Exchanges and Returns" in the Terms of Use .

Chapter 7 Handling of personal information Article 23 Handling of personal information
1. The Company collects information specified in the following items from members when registering as members, purchasing products, using the Service, cooperating with various marketing activities by the Company, participating in events, etc. (referred to as "personal information").
(a) Name (b) Gender (c) Date of birth (d) Address (e) Telephone number (f) E-mail address (g) Product purchase history (h) Other information that our company provides to members for the purpose of providing this service, etc. Information requested from customers 2. The Company shall handle members' personal information based on the "Privacy Policy" posted on the Company's website, and Members shall agree to this.
3. The credit card information that a member enters when using this service will be used when making a payment at a payment agency, and will be stored and managed by the payment agency. We do not store or manage credit card information at all.
4. Our company may use and disclose personal information and other information and data provided by members to our company as statistical information in a form that does not identify individuals at our discretion.

Article 24 Purpose of use of personal information The Company shall use the personal information of members provided in connection with this service for the purposes specified in each of the following items.
(1. Customer service)
2. Providing this service (including member registration, identity verification procedures, product delivery, etc.)
3. Shipping of product samples, benefits, etc. 4. Provision of information or advertising regarding this service and other companies (including, but not limited to, direct mail, newsletters, web advertisements, etc.)
5. Responding to various inquiries from Cotton Cotton customer support via email or telephone, etc. 6. Implementing market research, questionnaires, or campaigns for product planning, store development, or service improvement 7. Analyzing information related to product purchases and research 8. To secure opportunities to exercise our rights or fulfill our obligations based on these Terms or Japanese laws and regulations 9. When contacting members due to other unavoidable reasons

Article 25 Provision of personal information The Company shall not disclose or provide personal information obtained through this service to any third party, except in the following cases.
1. When having a company or individual that is affiliated or outsourced to our company carry out affiliated or outsourced work in order to accomplish each of the purposes set forth in the preceding article. 2. When consent has been obtained from the member. 3. Disclosure or disclosure based on laws and regulations. 4. When the provision is necessary for the protection of human life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the member 5. For the purpose of improving public health or the healthy upbringing of children. 6. When it is particularly necessary for promotion and it is difficult to obtain the consent of members When it is necessary to cooperate with the execution of affairs stipulated by national laws and regulations, and there is a risk that obtaining the consent of members will impede the execution of said affairs 7. Due to merger or other reasons When disclosing and providing information to the person receiving the business when the business is transferred 8. In addition to the above items, when permitted by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations.

Article 26 About Cookies 1. This website uses cookies to improve user convenience, statistically understand browsing status in order to improve this website, display the site optimally, and distribute advertisements. We use (cookies). Cookies are cookies that are stored on the device you are using so that the website operator can distinguish your browser from other browsers and display content and advertisements tailored to you. It's a file. The information collected through these cookies does not include any personally identifiable information such as email addresses or names. Furthermore, we do not use the information stored in cookies for any purpose other than statistically understanding browsing status, displaying the optimal site for customers, analysis, and distributing advertisements.
2. Based on the terms of the contract with a third party to whom our company outsources advertising distribution, our company may provide the third party with all or part of the information collected through cookies, etc. (including no information that identifies individuals). (not included) may be disclosed. In this case, the third party may use this website's history information, etc. to display our advertisements on websites other than ours that are registered with advertising networks. If you wish to stop such ad distribution, you can change the settings on the ad distribution company's web page.

Chapter 8 Miscellaneous Provisions Article 27 Confidentiality Members shall not disclose to any third party any information that the Company has disclosed to the members in connection with this service with a clear indication that it should be treated confidentially, without the prior written consent of the Company. Personal information shall not be disclosed or provided to anyone.

Article 28 Compensation for Damages 1. If a member violates these Terms or causes damage to the Company in connection with the use of this Service, the Member shall compensate the Company for such damage.
2. If the Company receives any claim from a third party due to infringement of rights or any other reason in connection with the use of this service by a member, the member shall handle the claim at his or her own expense, responsibility, and risk.・The matter will be resolved and the Company will not be held responsible in any way.

Article 29 Transfer of Rights and Obligations, etc. 1. Members shall not transfer, lend, provide collateral, etc. to a third party with respect to all or part of their own rights and obligations based on these Terms of Use. .
2. In the event that the Company transfers the business related to the Service to a third party (including, but not limited to, normal business transfers and other cases of business transfer such as company splits), the Company will In conjunction with a business transfer, the rights and obligations based on these Terms, the member's registration information, and all other information regarding the member may be transferred to the transferee of the business transfer, and the member shall consent to such transfer in advance. I assume that.

Article 30 Severability Even if any provision or part of these Terms is determined to be invalid or unenforceable under the Consumer Contract Act or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions of these Terms and The remaining portions of any provision that is determined to be invalid or unenforceable shall remain in full force and effect.

Article 31 Matters for Discussion In the event that any question arises regarding matters not stipulated in these Terms or the interpretation of these Terms, the Company and members shall discuss in good faith and resolve the matter.

Article 32 Governing Law/Jurisdiction These Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.
In the event of any dispute regarding these Terms, the Fukuoka District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

Established on January 1, 2023