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[Old cloth remake pants] Made by Fukue Takagi

[Old cloth remake pants] Made by Fukue Takagi

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We are remaking old happi coats.
Since it is made of a firm, medium-weight material, it does not hug your body line and can be worn throughout the year.

Fully elastic at the waist, loose width, yet beautiful silhouette with hem changes and tucks.

You can look stylish and cool with just one piece.

Material: 100% cotton old cloth

Size: Waist 70-98cm
Waist circumference 110cm
Rise 32cm
Inseam 55cm
Hem circumference 22cm

Total elastic waist
pocket 2

Model: Kumi-chan 158cm

#Old cloth #Indigo dyed #Kurume Kasuri #Made in Japan

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