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Giemon [Kurume Kasuri One Piece] Blue Blur Gradation Giemon

Giemon [Kurume Kasuri One Piece] Blue Blur Gradation Giemon

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Kurume is a durable fabric that becomes more familiar to your skin the more you wear it.
It has a luxurious finish with 4 types of fabrics of the same color connected horizontally.
This is a piece that feels traditional yet casual.
It is a fabric that allows you to feel the beauty of dyeing and weaving.

As it is a smooth and thin material, it is suitable for spring and summer.

This dress creates a beautiful silhouette by connecting diagonally and adding gathers.
You can enjoy it as a summer dress by itself or as a jumper skirt by layering it with an inner layer.

Material: 100% cotton Kurume Kasuri

Size: Width 52cm
Shoulder width 35cm
Length 115cm
Hem width 103cm

pocket 2
rear zipper

Model: Kumi-chan 165cm
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